Development Reality Hack

The Hack is born from a partnership between DFAT and the LAUNCH platform to rethink food and explore innovation as a lever for change. Our day together is designed to illuminate how 360° video, virtual reality, augmented reality and gamification can strengthen public health and social impact efforts in developing countries. On a micro level, we aim to identify how these technologies can:

  • Drive impactful storytelling that raise worldwide awareness around food and nutrition challenges facing the Indo-Pacific region.

  • Invigorate local social campaigns that impact nutrition and development outcomes in communities with challenging public health needs.

We have invited a small, curated group of thought leaders from key industries, academia, and government to participate. The day’s key takeaways will be published in this wiki and curated in a blog post, which we hope will inspire and inform further innovation. We will also share posts and videos on Facebook live: The hashtag for the event is: #LAUNCHRealityHack