Established on the belief that the problems of today are too big to be solved by any one organisation alone, our unique approach is to convene and curate networks of individuals and organisations to forge pathways for change together.

In multiple challenge-focused innovation cycles, LAUNCH facilitates participants to deeply understand the challenge, define requirements and identify other keys to unlocking success, then work together to seek, vet, and propel innovation forward.

LAUNCH was founded in 2009 by NASA, the U.S Agency for International Development, the U.S Department of State and NIKE Inc., who joined together to identify, showcase and support innovative approaches to sustainability challenges. The LAUNCH model has been recognised as an innovation in itself, and its methodology has been replicated by other platforms in both the public and private sectors. 

About LAUNCH Food Revolution
Changing cultural norms and the globalisation of the world’s food supply are shifting the way that people act and eat. This move away from traditional behaviours is resulting in high levels of non-communicable diseases, and in some place a counter-intuitive double burden of over- and under-nutrition, presenting huge challenges for human and economic development. This challenge is acutely felt in the Pacific Islands. Moreover, the Pacific is becoming viewed as the ‘canary in the coal mine’ for this growing global challenge. 

LAUNCH Food Revolution is a vehicle to identify and engage innovators and partners to come together to create a new paradigm for food around the world, starting in the Pacific. It will take a system-level view of the challenge, looking across causal factors to identify opportunities for innovation to play a role in improving health outcomes through better nutrition.

The goals of LAUNCH Food Revolution are:
  1. To use a network-centred innovation approach to identify, develop and propel key innovations to unlock transformational change.
  2. To create a worldwide coalition of the committed focused on actively pursuing opportunities for change.
  3. To provide a platform for the development of valuable partnerships and understandings around the challenges and opportunities associated with improving food and nutrition.
LAUNCH Food Revolution builds on insights and networks from previous LAUNCH cycles.